Doing business innovatively

Cecere Management Srl is an Italian holding company active in the real estate and construction market, which heads the entire chain of value in the real estate market and is focused mainly on the area of ​​real estate development and asset management, as well as the development of strategic partnerships and diversified investments. The Cecere Management Group boasts over thirty-five years of residential real estate experience in the Naples area of ​​north and today, the second generation, represents an innovative entrepreneurial reality open to new national and international markets, which mainly operates on three business segments of the real estate sector: investment, development and asset management. Over the years, the group's business has grown to develop along the value-chain of real estate investments, from the design of the investment project to after-sales services through design, construction and marketing. The main objective of the group's management is the development of building areas and acquisitions of high artistic and historical properties that can be valued and marketed. The Group's real estate assets, in line with its business strategy, consist primarily of property assets with unparalleled distinctive signs and lands for real estate development projects located exclusively in Italy.


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