Agenzia Generali di Roma Parioli Liegi

Doing business innovatively

Our business group boasts over thirty-five years of experience and today represents an active reality in the real estate and construction market.
Our Group's activities are managed through project or project companies, which are the leading value chain in the real estate market. Each group company is co-ordinated and is run by holding Cecere Management, which is therefore the owner of the entire business group. Cecere Management, through the whole business group, carries out all real estate transactions, both in Italy and abroad, both on their own behalf and on behalf of third parties. The company is particularly active in the purchase, sale, exchange, construction, refurbishment and restoration, management and administration of real estate, including through affidamento of contracts or concessions. Our property development investments are accompanied by assets management activities, in addition to the development of strategic partnerships and diversified investments.


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