Integrated Controlled Mechanical Ventilation for the new Nunziare – Luxury Real Estate Projects.

The new projects of the Nunziare brand also use “Alpac” monoblocks with integrated controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC).

The choice is the result of careful observation and relationships from the group’s customer care, in consultation with plant engineers.

The VMC has been adopted by management starting today for future development projects to overcome the now accentuated problem, hand in hand with the evolution of an increasingly attentive building market towards the aspect of containing heat losses, watertight environments in buildings. The exchange of air in the home is essential and it is not just the habit of opening windows from time to time to ventilate the interior of a building.

Buildings in energy class A, due to the high thermal insulation, the exchange of air in the house is essential and if this does not happen, it is possible that conflict with the internal environments may arise which, so isolated (ponds), could suffer the occurrence of condensation and mold.

Often there is not even time to air the house because maybe you leave early in the morning to reach your workplace.

But what we breathe in the home can be up to five times more polluted than in the open.

With mechanical ventilation, the exchange of air in the home is guaranteed without opening the windows and acts both on the control and regulation of humidity, of the heat present, prevents the formation of mold and allows the filtering of pollen, allergens and polluting substances. During the summer nights, it is possible to use the so-called “fireplace effect” to combat the heat in the home. The difference in internal and external temperature causes currents to be created which allow the entry of the cooler air and the exit of the warmer air.

In all this benefit, the design was certainly not overlooked. The design of Alpac monoblocks is minimal and elegant, perfectly integrated into the double-chamber fixtures of the Finstral company.

Controlled mechanical ventilation is an innovative solution for transforming window holes into structures capable of constantly renewing indoor air and reducing the thermal bridge in correspondence of the wall-window node and thermal losses and attributable to it.

The integrated VMC system makes the home healthier and more comfortable, thanks to the automatic and continuous replacement. The air, even with closed windows, is always new, fresh and clean.

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