Business functions

1. Marketing

Marketing is one of the main organizational activities for the Group. The goal is creating, communicating and dealing value to customers.
The marketing approach is a precondition for the preparation of business plans, the definition of product and price, the training of the sales network and communication planning.


Enhancing, stimulating and cultivating the skills of the people in the team is the basis of the Group’s business model. Thanks to a young, dynamic and well-trained team, the Group has a winning organizational model, achieving the optimization of corporate finance and the accurate control of management and production costs.

3. Design

The Group’s activities have largely focused on urban regeneration projects through the acquisition of obsolete real estate complexes, without any historical and artistic significance, and the subsequent demolition and reconstruction.
The design activities are carried out internally by young professionals who, supported by qualified figures, carry out the Group’s projects, focusing on environmental sustainability, aesthetics and innovation.


One of the strengths of the Group is its dynamism, as a continuous stimulus to adapt the business model to the evolution of the market.
Design, execution, quality control, customer care: these are the production phases that involve highly specialized managerial figures who work daily to ensure safe working environments, compliance with production times and production budgets and control of supplies and executions.
Through Cecere Enterprise Srl, a construction company 100% owned by the Group, the projects are developed mainly with internal resources, with the use of its own workers, equipment and machinery. This model guarantees greater control over product quality.

5. Sale

The sales activity is carried out by internal resources, in order to have greater control over the commercial activity and constant monitoring of the market.
Thanks to the quality, the reasonable price and the marketing and communication skills of the staff, the Group has shown it can sell 100% of the units available, before the construction site starts, despite periods of crisis.
This is the result the experience and of go-to-market methodologies that allow a significant competitive advantage over other operators in the market.

6. Property management

The Group is committed to the management of its real estate assets, with the aim of maximizing profitability. According to the corporate strategy, the real estate assets consist largely of prestigious income properties and land destined for real estate development projects located in Italy.