Cecere Management is an Italian holding company in the eco-sustainable real estate development market that oversees the entire supply chain through its subsidiaries. The company is committed to urban regeneration, through the development of eco-sustainable residential complexes, pursuing the well-being of client families and the protection of our planet.

Over thirty-five years in real estate development, mainly located in the North Naples area. Now in the second generation, Cecere Management is an innovative company open to new national and international markets.


Development of innovative building complexes, marked by eco-sustainability and designed for the well-being of people.

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Corporate structure

Cecere Management Srl

holding company, controls the entire Group. It deals with the strategic planning and coordination of the subsidiaries.

Atena Srl e Cecere Development Srl

real estate development companies active in real estate development, that is to say the operational phase of strategic projects. The main functions are the acquisition, design, production and marketing of the buildings built.

Cecere Enterprise Srl

company active in the construction of residential projects promoted by Cecere Management Group.