Corporate Social Responsibility

Facing new challenges to achieve a more sustainable future, aware that wealth is the result of respect for the life of people, communities and the environment.

Cecere Management Group has adopted a Corporate Social Responsibility model focused on three fundamental issues:

  • Sustainability
  • Employee benefits
  • Charity


Nunzio Yari Cecere CEO Cecere Management

Developing innovative systems and products, less energy-intensive to reduce CO2 emissions, is the goal of the Cecere Management Group, which pursues the well-being of families and the protection of our planet.

The purpose of the Group’s green buildings is to preserve the environment, significantly reducing the negative impact of buildings on the environment and the inhabitants of the building, harmonizing in the context.

This occurs using passive strategies such as solar energy, regenerated water, the use of natural local building materials and renewable energy sources, eliminating consumption from fissile energy sources.


Even during the construction phase of the “green buildings”, construction sites can be a source of pollution if not properly managed. The production sites of the Cecere Management Group are organized in a sustainable manner through the correct management of construction site waste, periodic cleaning, reuse of water, storage, isolation of special waste and the remediation of asbestos (where existing in the acquisition of obsolete buildings to be demolished or renovated). Finally, the employees of the Group and the contractors are trained to adopt operating models to respect the environment, in order to obtain a sustainable production process.


Water also needs sustainable management. Today about 5 billion people live in areas at risk of water scarcity, at the same time 80% of the world’s wastewater is released into the environment without adequate treatment, further contributing to water scarcity. In recent years, due to the increase in population, overbuilding, drought and the lack of legislation on environmental issues, about one third of the largest aquifers in the world are drying up.

To help protect this precious resource, the new “Nunziare” real estate complexes have rainwater drainage systems that directly recharge the aquifers, sustainably counteracting the drying up that has been taking place in recent years.


Smog is increasingly a problem for our health and the “green” construction techniques, adopted so far, only serve to limit energy consumption: certainly they are better than in previous decades, but not enough to counteract the environmental pollution produced from combustion of vehicles and domestic heating. The Cecere Management Group wants to actively challenge the pollution that threatens human health and the environment. For this reason, the Nunziare residential complexes have been equipped with an additional weapon to combat environmental pollution: the facades are coated with a particular bioactive ceramic with titanium dioxide, which when exposed to light, activates an antibacterial reaction, which counteracts the pollutants in the air and dissolves the dirt that settles on the tiles.

Titanium dioxide is a material that degrades many organic compounds by oxidation, including air pollutants. Once exposed to sunlight, it breaks down toxic molecules (NOx) making them harmless and allowing surfaces to be self-cleaned: the so-called smog-eating effect. Italian research institutes have shown that 1 square meter of this coating can purify, in 8 hours of exposure to the sun or artificial light, up to 72 cubic meters of air, therefore about 1000 m2 of façade treated with titanium dioxide can purify the air like a forest the size of a football field, or they can eliminate the nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted by 70 cars over the course of a whole day.


Another weapon that the Cecere Management Group is already adopting to combat urban smog is the “forestation” of buildings. Plants, by nature, absorb CO2 and purify the air in which we live from various pollutants. Furthermore, the vegetation is a natural barrier to noise and guarantees a correct flow of rainwater on the ground. It is therefore of fundamental importance to equip buildings with green spaces with tree species suitable for ensuring a high absorption of CO2 from the area.

Employee benefitsCorporate Social Responsibility

Promote health and safety in production sites to ensure the protection and well-being of its employees, through the testimonies of people and the communication of corporate values. Respect for and protection of health in the workplace is a prerogative of the Cecere Management Group which uses prevention and training systems, both in offices and on construction sites, to maximize the well-being of its staff. The constant work of the safety managers has made employees aware of the issue of safety in the workplace and has thus led to a significant reduction in workplace accidents.

Hundreds of women and men, including workers, technicians, engineers, architects and managers, proudly contribute to the realization of the Group’s residential projects. The professional training provided brings out the potential and skills of each person. The daily challenges of the Group have sustainable growth as their theme.

People, their passion and their commitment represent the Group’s values and competitive advantage.

CharityCharitable activities

The Cecere Management Group is honored to support the territory in which it operates through charitable actions.
The organizations and structures that are engaged on a daily basis in the front line in support of citizens and children are proudly supported.